Hello! I'm Stella Polaris, a French artist sharing her time between Paris and Brussels.

I'm mostly known for my black and white ink drawings, reminiscent of tattoos, ranging from the funny and playful, to the kinky, the oneiric, the dark and fantastical. 

I also love to sketch - at events, performances, museums... - and document moments in a way photography just can't.

When not drawing I can be found reading, exploring cemeteries, or dancing through the night at parties and festivals.

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Le Bateau vol.13 - Mixte Magazine numéro 25 ans - Kinbaku Stories  #1 - Do_Gooders #1 Perlimpinpin #1 - Kinbaku Society of Berlin #11



  • Salo VIII - Salon du dessin érotique (Paris)
  • CULture 1 - Les Magasins sans Gênes (Paris)


  • Seattle Erotic Art Fair (USA)
  • Summer Pocket (Paris)


  • Solo show - Place des Cordes (Paris)
  • Burlesque - Renaissance Hotel (Paris)
  • Seattle Erotic Art Fair (USA)


  • Solo show - Kinky Salon (Paris)
  • Collaboration with olfactory designer Iriscent - Bliss Gallery (Paris)
  • Solo show - Atelier des Artistes (Paris)

Credit: Rachel Saddedine