Stella Polaris is a French artist known for her dreamy, macabre, and playful, ink drawings with a striking use of black and white.

A self-taught artist - her background is in the publishing industry - she spent years honing a signature style where the fluid lines of Art nouveau meet medieval engravings, dotwork tattoos, erotica, and the dark quirkiness of an Edward Gorey, all mixed with a unique sense of humour.

She's particularly interested in turning her art into something that can become part of people's everyday life, through making stickers, cards, and experimenting with different sorts of wearables.

Co-founder and president of the Parisian art and party collective Funki Safari from 2015 to 2020, she's organized outrageous parties for hundreds of attendees, with a specific focus on immersive decor and costuming.

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  • Salo VIII - Salon du dessin érotique (Paris)
  • CULture 1 - Les Magasins sans Gênes (Paris)


  • Seattle Erotic Art Fair (USA)
  • Summer Pocket (Paris)


  • Solo show - Place des Cordes (Paris)
  • Burlesque - Renaissance Hotel (Paris)
  • Seattle Erotic Art Fair (USA)


  • Solo show - Kinky Salon (Paris)
  • Collaboration with olfactory designer Iriscent - Bliss Gallery (Paris)
  • Solo show - Atelier des Artistes (Paris)

Credit: Elsa Fabrega